Design Your Product

Your Designs – You got it !!! 

Many a times it might happen that you have a design in mind or you notice a product somewhere which immediately catches your attention, but are not aware of where to get it from. We give our customers an option to provide their own designs and we float those designs in our artisan’s network and present the best options to our customers. What’s more, you don’t have to pay a single extra penny for this service. We do it for you and you save valuable research time and in turn can focus more on your business. We do not promise an exact design but at least a close match is something we can assure you of.  Send us a picture, a sketch or a reference link and just sit back relaxed, we will do the research and get you what you need.

Copyright Exclusive Design:  We know how quick it is in this fast moving world to reproduce a replica of a design. Original should remain original – Your designs, your exclusive rights. We will not sell it to any third party, neither will we post it on our website without a written permission from you. Ethics, Trust and Belief – Our customers are ours because of these.

Customized Options:  Most of the products available on are customizable. You can have your own size, preferable color, desired specs. We are blessed with a artisan’s network that is more than willing and talented enough to satisfy most of our customer’s customized needs.

Flood our Mailbox: We understand that when you put your money on something, you should be fully sure about the design, materials used, specifications, volumes, price etc. And we know that it requires multiples iteration to be sure about what you need. We encourage our customers to flood our mail box with their queries – not once, not twice but till the time they are sure and satisfied. We take pride in providing minute details about a product.

Our principle: Whatever details we know about a product, our customers should also know that.

Competitive Pricing:  Ekriti works right at the grass-root level, procuring products directly from artisans spread over the different states in India, hence eliminating the “middle-man” altogether. This gives a cost advantage immediately which is passed on to our customer, which is why the costs of products on is much less than on other export sites without even an iota of sacrifice on quality. is a global online store for all products Made in India. India has been blessed with some of the world’s finest artisans who sweat out day in and day out to create wonderfully crafted products. We specialize in handmade products through our robust networks which connects artisans all around the country. ekriti ships around the globe and works really hard with vendors to keep the shipping rates low. ekriti offer its customers various secured payment methods. ekriti tries to keep the MOQs very low for its customers. ekriti also gets involved in designing customized and personalized products for its customers. To gauge the quality of our products, please contact us for Free Samples.