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Channapatna - "The TOYS Town"

By Ankaj | Published: November 28, 2011



Chanapatna is a small town located around 70 km from bangalore. This small town is also known as 'The TOYS Town'. It derives its name from the local art of toy making. This art is believed to have origined during Tipu Sultan's reign who invited artisans from Persia to train the local artisans in the making of wooden toys.

The range of the wooden toys and other wooden articles produced here is highly impressive & creative. From kids toys and games, to wooden bangles and home decoratives, entire range is manufactured here. These products are made from 'doodhi' wood (milk wood because of its white color) which grows in this region. This wood is relatively soft and can be carved easily. Vegetables like coriander, tomotoes etc are used to create colors to paint these wooden products. Vegetable colors are mixed with lacquer to give vibrant looks to these products and help these retain the colors when in contact with water. As such, these products are totally environment friendly and safe for kids too.

ekriti team visited the chanapatna town and explored the wooden products manufactured here. There are more than 50 small factories making such products. Team went to one of the godown and a small factory where these items are manufactured. Factory was a small set up and godown was made in a small rented house. Some of these factories have managed to move on to the rented electric lathes but many are still using hand powered lathes. Inspite of these constraints, the quality of the products manufactured here is of consistent high degree.

The visit to Channapatna town made team ekriti realise of the enourmous art potential that lies in small towns and villages of India. Most of such artisans in India are working in very restricted environments without the help of advanced tools & machinary. The main factor behind this is the struggle to get a fair price for their products and very less approach to the bigger domestic & global markets. It gave us a motivation to showcase and promote the products in India and globally through ekriti so that these beautifully crafted products are recognized across the globe which it in turn would give them more business to upgrade their factorieis with advanced facilities, healthy ennvironment and most important a good living.

Team ekriti appreciates the work of Channapatna artisans and would like to explore more such towns to find more such talented Indian artisans who deserve more than what they are getting for their work.

If any of you know about another such village in India, we would be glad to hear back from you.

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The making of Wooden toys

By Ankaj | Published: December 02, 2011


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Below we share with you the story of how eco-friendly wooden toys are manufactured in Channapatna


Doodhi Wooden rolls being used for jars, bangles, etc

Doodhi Wooden rolls for making bangles, jars, etc



Vegetable dyes being used to color the toys - this makes it completely eco-friendly and safe to use



Wooden toys


Wooden bangles


Wooden toy train


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