About Us

What is ekriti?

ekriti is an online marketplace that facilitates sale of handmade items supplied by ekriti vendors. Our vendors are social enterprises empowering people to earn a living by making things.

ekriti encourages a policy of fair trade by connecting artisans with the buyers. This ensures that the products are properly marketed and the artisans are compensated adequately. Our mission is to keep the service simple and make shopping exciting so as to stimulate the demand.

Why ekriti?

“The noblest question in the world is What Good may I do in it?”
Benjamin Franklin

ekriti provides you with a noble way to contribute to the community. The products sold on ekriti are handmade by people belonging to the underprivileged sections of the society.  By purchasing a product showcased on ekriti you are directly contributing to the source of income of those people, and help them sustain. Morover, as you buy a product on ekriti a fixed percentage of the sales goes to a development fund. This is used for furthering various community service projects such as Eye-Care camps, and also for funding more micro-enterprises which can provide a living to the underprivileged, and at a later stage become an ekriti vendor.
For more information, see Social Responsibility


What does the term ‘ekriti’ mean?

The term ekriti has been coined by prefixing the English alphabet ‘e’ (from the ‘e’ in e-commerce) to the Sanskrit word ‘kriti’ which means ‘creation’. ekriti thus signifies our intent of providing an online marketplace for selling creative products.
It is a for-profit social enterprise, established by a team of professionals having extensive experience working for the cause in various capacities.


ekriti.com is a global online store for all products Made in India. India has been blessed with some of the world’s finest artisans who sweat out day in and day out to create wonderfully crafted products. We specialize in handmade products through our robust networks which connects artisans all around the country. ekriti ships around the globe and works really hard with vendors to keep the shipping rates low. ekriti offer its customers various secured payment methods. ekriti tries to keep the MOQs very low for its customers. ekriti also gets involved in designing customized and personalized products for its customers. To gauge the quality of our products, please contact us for Free Samples.